Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Get Perpendicular with Geoboards! - Section 2: Geoboard Exploration of Lines in the Coordinate Plane


In this lesson, my intention was to create a strong conceptual understanding of how the relationship between lines on a coordinate plane depend on the slope.  So being able to identify the slope of a line from a graph was a critical pre-requisite skill needed for this lesson.  Some students were having difficulty identifying the slope of each line.  

I am going to create a problem for the Warm Up for the next lesson in this Unit which is on Parallel and Perpendicular Lines.  In this Warm Up, I am going to purposely plan errors when stating the relationship among lines, and have the students identify the mistakes.

When designing this lesson, I wanted to focus on number 6 of the Geoboard Activity for students to practice providing feedback (Math Practice 3).  Students were too quick in the lesson to check off that the relationship between the lines were correct.  So another extension from this lesson that I will provide in the Warm Up of the next lesson is sentence starters.  I will use these sentence starters to model and demonstrate how to correctly provide feedback in complete sentences.  I wanted students talking and writing about the reasons that the lines were either parallel, perpendicular, or intersecting only based on the slope of the lines.



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  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Peer Feedback
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Get Perpendicular with Geoboards!

Unit 3: Linear Functions
Lesson 7 of 20

Objective: SWBAT use the concept of slope to determine if two lines are perpendicular, or they simply intersecting.

Big Idea: Students reason about Perpendicular Lines with simple concrete examples using Geoboards and extend their reasoning to designing parking lines.

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