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The chemistry unit information sheet accomplishes two tasks in my classroom, both of which help the students become more independent in their learning.  The first portion of the sheet includes links and information regarding each set of flipped notes required for the unit. The students are required to pay attention to deadlines and complete the notes on their own time.  I provide the students with regular reminders to complete their work, but they are responsible for determining when, before the deadline, to complete it.  The other function of the document is to help students identify their own levels of knowledge.  This is accomplished through the use of the red, yellow, green color system.  At the beginning of the unit, the students are asked to highlight the vocabulary and objectives in either red, yellow, or green, according to their understanding of the concept.  At different points throughout the unit, we revisit the document and the students change their colors as necessary.  Ideally, by the middle of the unit most of the items will be yellow or green and by the end of the unit all of the items will be green.  I encourage students to place a higher emphasis on studying the words in red and yellow as we near the test.  I also provide the students with extra practice materials for the items that are red and yellow.

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Chemistry - What Do You Know?

Unit 2: Chemistry
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Objective: SWBAT complete an anticipation guide and participate in a discovery vocabulary activity.

Big Idea: This lesson will help students activate their prior knowledge about chemistry and provide you with insights about their needs as learners.

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