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I regularly use Socrative to conduct formative assessments of my students.  Socrative is a very effective way to have students complete exit tickets.  The students log into the program and I have an exit ticket set up waiting for them.  The students are able to answer the questions and turn them in online.  One of the biggest benefits of Socrative is that it not only stores student information, but I can download the students' answers into Excel sheets for easy review.  Instead of collecting thirty sheets of paper in every class, I can print out one document that contains all of the students' answers.  I am then able to place the print out in a binder for easy reference.  The use of exit tickets provides me with a quick check of student understanding.  Using Socrative for exit tickets is engaging for the students because it includes technology, and it provides me with valuable information regarding student progress.

  Exit Tickets and Technology
  Exit Tickets: Exit Tickets and Technology
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Chemistry - What Do You Know?

Unit 2: Chemistry
Lesson 1 of 19

Objective: SWBAT complete an anticipation guide and participate in a discovery vocabulary activity.

Big Idea: This lesson will help students activate their prior knowledge about chemistry and provide you with insights about their needs as learners.

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