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I LOVE teaching my students to question and wonder! One way that I do this is through "Wondering Notebooks."  I first came across this idea when I taught Kindergarten and read a book called The Literate Kindergarten by Sue Kempton. How it works is quite simple. During our readers workshop I pass out blank notebooks and Zoo Books  and allow them to write/draw their "wonderings."  I model what it means to wonder and what it means to notice. Each day as my students enter the classroom they grab their "Wondering Notebooks" and record their thinking. As they share their "wonderings" or questions it allows for awesome science discourse and high level thinking. This strategy lends itself to lessons that involve student led-inquiry.  In this lesson my students were engaged in questioning with their turn and talk partners as well as in a whole group discussion.  These lessons drove the research that we did that allowed us to create communication devises.  

  Ask those QUESTIONS!!
  Ask those QUESTIONS!!
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STEM & Sound - Day 1

Unit 1: Unit 1: Sound Waves
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: SWBAT to identify a communication problem and research possible solutions.

Big Idea: Can you solve a communication problem using sound? Yes you can!

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Science, Influence of Engineering, Technology, and Science, on Society and the Natural World
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