Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Developing Arguments and More Properties - Section 2: Linear Equation Project Part 2: Check In and Work Time


Here's an incredibly helpful tip from my co-teacher in an inclusion class: highlighting the properties in different colors.  We noticed that I use color on the board when I give the first example for the project, but that students were not encouraged to do the same.  My colleague brought a few boxes of different-colored highlighters and simply gave kids access, and a majority of them decided that this was a good idea.  

Kids are able to better see the structure of these arguments when the properties are emphasized, and it gives them a better guide when they continue to practice on other problems.  Some students used different colors to represent additive and multiplicative properties; others used different colors for identity, inverse, and equality properties.  In the future, there's no doubt that I'll make highlighters available whenever my classes - at any level - work on this project.

  Diverse Entry Points: Using Highlighters!
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Developing Arguments and More Properties

Unit 3: Solving Linear Equations
Lesson 9 of 12

Objective: SWBAT choose a linear equation at a level appropriate to their abilities, and construct a viable argument to justify its solution method.

Big Idea: Constructing a justification is hard work! It's important to show students the value in the process of that work.

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Math, Algebra, Linear and Nonlinear Equations, equation solving, properties of algebra
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