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Students often get confused when measuring the 3 different sides of a rectangular object.  To remedy this, I offer a solution of moving the ruler and not the block (see video for clarity).  Students often need additional support with the math portion of calculating volume.  I have no problem allowing students to use a calculator.  Some teachers have a problem with this as they want the student to excel mathematically, as well.  It's not that I don't want this for my students, it's just their range of ability is so great that I can't afford to spend an entire lesson working on their multiplication skills.  Calculators eliminate this problem for us.  You could try and give your students blocks that have whole numbers for dimensions (2cmx2cmx2cm) as this may help in their calculations.  

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Measuring Volume of Rectangular Objects

Unit 4: Scientific Protocol
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Objective: SWBAT understand that volume is a measurement of 3 dimensional space and will know how to measure it using a ruler and a formula (length x width x height).

Big Idea: In this fourth metric lesson, students learn and practice using scientific measurement tools used in class.

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