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Communication with parents is crucial to the success of a flipped classroom.  While it is important for parents to understand how the flipped classroom operates, it is equally important to keep parents informed of assignment and assessment due dates.  I send mass emails to parents on a regular basis to inform them of upcoming projects and assessments, as well as to introduce new units.  In these emails, I always include links to digital copies of the assignments, project instructions, or study materials referenced in the emails. 

My district uses an online grade system that allows me to easily send mass emails.  This function is also available in gmail, but contact groups will need to be created first. Remind is another free option for quickly sharing general classroom information with parents.  I have found that parents respond very positively to reminders about upcoming assessments, and they are then able to emphasize the importance of studying when their child is at home.

  Partnering with Parents
  Parent Communication: Partnering with Parents
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Putting It All Together - Reviewing Measurement Vocabulary and Science Process Skills

Unit 1: Problem Solving
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Objective: SWBAT accurately use key vocabulary terms related to science process skills and describe a variety of measurement procedures with an emphasis on mass and volume.

Big Idea: This lesson provides students with the opportunity to review and prepare for an exam over the unit information.

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