Reflection: Discourse and Questioning F451: Anticipation - Section 2: Guided Discussion


I have but one caution to make regarding this part of the lesson. With concepts and ideas that can be potentially sensitive and/or volatile, and responses that reflect beliefs and values, it is incredibly important to tread softly. One way to do this is to avoid using language and phrases that may come across as validating or supporting a student's position. This can lead students with differing values, opinions, and beliefs to feel alienated and unsafe in your classroom environment. It may appear benign to us, but can send a very different message to a student or group of students. This message can ultimately undo even the best efforts to cultivate a positive, open, and safe classroom culture. 

An easy way to avoid such turmoil and strife is to simply thank the students for sharing, for their bravery and willingness to put themselves out there, and then to move on to what comes next. This helps students to all feel safer sharing their ideas, which is essential to a positive classroom culture that is conducive to student growth and achievement.

  A Cautionary Tale of Unintentional Reinforcement and Validation
  Discourse and Questioning: A Cautionary Tale of Unintentional Reinforcement and Validation
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F451: Anticipation

Unit 5: Fahrenheit 451 - Novel Study
Lesson 1 of 16

Objective: Students will participate in a class discussion about censorship and society.

Big Idea: Should Some Ideas Be Censored?

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