Reflection: Student Ownership Character Types in Literature Beginning - Section 1: Anticipatory Set


This process is one where students and teacher alike are fully invested and involved to getting the most out of each and every task. It helps us to achieve more because we have clear goals supported by an explicitly stated and carefully determined plan that is based on the needs that have been determined. To enact this plan, we determine the most effective research-based strategies to utilize at each step along the way. Overall, this process allows students to support me as I work to differentiate to best meet their varying needs. It also helps them to better advocate for themselves. 

We utilize qualitative and quantitative data throughout each cycle of study in order to most accurately assess growth, learning, and achievement. We also use these data sources to help guide the specific types of modifications and adjustments we make to our plan as we move forward. Data is an integral component to effective implementation of this process. 

  The Continuous Classroom Improvement Process and Me
  Student Ownership: The Continuous Classroom Improvement Process and Me
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Character Types in Literature Beginning

Unit 4: Elements of Literature
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Objective: Students will research to develop an increased knowledge of the character types present in literature.

Big Idea: Who is this guy (or gal) anyway?

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English / Language Arts, first person, third person, elements of plot, protagonist, antagonist (Literature), Technology and Engineering, Literary Structure, presentation, character types, second person, objective, omniscient, limited, powerpoint,, foundation
  50 minutes
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