Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Introducing the Post-It Annotation Process - Section 2: Instructional Input


In my efforts to better understand how to help students annotate novels in a way that can help them better organize thoughts and ideas, as well as addressing the problem of having only classroom sets of the various novels I teach in the year, I talked with many teachers about things I could do. The idea that came up most often was to use Post-It notes as the mode for annotating. I then began to do some research online and found the Book Annotating document created by a teacher for when she taught The Giver to her students. While I did not require the students to annotate the ideas and pieces of the text that she had her students focus on, I found the idea of color coding to be incredibly helpful to improve organization for students. I also began using it myself when reading for more academic purposes. 

  Adjustments to Practice: Where This Idea Came From For Me
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Introducing the Post-It Annotation Process

Unit 3: Literature Circles
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Objective: Students will learn how to use Post-It notes to annotate the novel they have been assigned.

Big Idea: What A Fun Way To Annotate!

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