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I chose to put the pictures in the Power Point for a specific reason. I really wanted to have the children see pictures that they had some familiarity with.  It made it easier to elicit the dialogue with the teams.  Because almost all the children knew what the insects were, focusing on the evidence within the pictures to bring the language out to prove their background knowledge was accurate made it exciting.  The children could barely contain their excitement and high need to share what they already knew about the insects and their purposes in the environment.  

Which offered an easy way to show the connection between their prior knowledge and new knowledge from the pictures to teach the inference connection. 

  Observations on the Power Point Dialogue
  Discourse and Questioning: Observations on the Power Point Dialogue
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Inferences: The skill of scientific metacognition

Unit 1: Inquiry in Science
Lesson 13 of 14

Objective: SWBAT actively make inferences from pictures.

Big Idea: Looking at the world and seeing the patterns all around can help to understand questions that guide learning about that world.

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