Reflection: Real World Applications So You Think You Can Argue? Myth vs. Reality about Brown vs. Board (Day Two) - Section 2: Building Knowledge: Video Clip


Before students can understand how to write an effective editorial based solely on thier opinions, they must first have great knowledge around the advancement of thier topic. Because students are not just looking at the events of the Brown vs. Board case, it is important that they understand what other events/behaviors developed from this segregated time in history. 

With students using the Brown vs. Board case as their foundation, I wanted this video clip to represent the perspectives that exist now because of the case. To better see that, I created a list of cause and effect relationships to show students the intent of the case for our educational system today. The list shown in the guided practice section have some added words and ideas that relate to the overall theme of this time. Hence this discussion with students allows for them to select a side that will aid in thier development of strong discriminatory examples as they are seen in our nation today.

  Two Perspectives from Video Reflection
  Real World Applications: Two Perspectives from Video Reflection
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So You Think You Can Argue? Myth vs. Reality about Brown vs. Board (Day Two)

Unit 10: Social Justice
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT to create an argumentative claim that uses details, reasons, and evidence to show a logical progression of ideas in an opinionated article.

Big Idea: News Flash! Discrimination is in our Past, Present, and Future!

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