Reflection: Gradual Release Risk Takers: Using Strength and Courage to Defeat Segregation During Little Rock 9 - Section 3: Independent Practice: Differentiated Stations with Technology


Bringing in the use of technology allowed students to take what was found in the pictures (from bellwork) to present information found via the Internet on Little Rock Nine. My students love the use of technology so I wanted to gauge them in ways that not only increased their enthusiasm with the lesson, but played up on their dominant learning styles while viewing informational text. 

What I enjoyed most about the technology was that no matter what students read/viewed, it all provided parallels to the theme of the lesson. Students were handed a number that matched thier ability to read and comprehend informational text. While this time offered a chance for differentiation, it also allowed students to use multiple entry points to understand a larger idea (theme bumper sticker) of the lesson.

  Use of technology reflection
  Gradual Release: Use of technology reflection
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Risk Takers: Using Strength and Courage to Defeat Segregation During Little Rock 9

Unit 4: Risking it All
Lesson 6 of 14

Objective: SWBAT express the them or central idea of Little Rock 9 by exploring how the theme develops with the progression of text and its relation to supporting ideas.

Big Idea: #Be Different # Trend Setter # Risk Taker

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