Reflection: Adjustments to Practice How do we use Logarithms and Exponentials - Section 2: Solving Real World Applications


After working with 2 classes I began to realize the struggles the students were having had more to do with attending to precision than anything else. 

In the bell work when students thought about how they annotate math one student comment "I circle all the number because it is math and math is about numbers" I used that to my advantage when as we worked through the first example on page 1. The student told me to circle the 400, I asked if anything else should be done. I had another student say I label what the number represents in this case it is the initial population.

As I worked with different groups on question 3 (page 2) many students would randomly give a variable. The students understood if you start with 1 mg then we wanted to end with .5 mg. When I ask what variable you replace with .5 many students said t. I then asked so time is measured in mg? This confused the students. I went back and discussed that the .5 is .5 mg so which variable is measured in mg?

The student that looked at the units were able to quickly solve the problems. This really reinforced how I need to spend more time on real world examples and have students analyze formulas.

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  Adjustments to Practice: My thoughts on the lesson
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How do we use Logarithms and Exponentials

Unit 3: Exponential and Logarithmic functions
Lesson 9 of 11

Objective: SWBAT use formulas involving logarithms to solve problems.

Big Idea: How can logarithms be used to determine the if the data is exponential or a power function. Applications including decibel, richter scale, pH, Newton's law of cooling,...

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Math, exponential function, exponential growth, logarithmic function, PreCalculus, exponential function, logarithmic functions, equation solving, Properties of Logarithm
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