Reflection: Relevance Elements of Literature Review: Using Cornell Notes - Section 2: Instructional Input/Guided Practice


I personally have seen a great deal of success among my students as they utilize the Cornell note-taking process. I also found such success when I was a student as well. I like to share my own personal experience with this format in order to help them buy into its value and potential outcomes. By sharing my own experience, I help the students to determine the relevance of the process. It is important to have the students buy-in as soon as possible as this will help them to embrace and fully engage in the process as we move forward. 

  Why Use Cornell Note Format?
  Relevance: Why Use Cornell Note Format?
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Elements of Literature Review: Using Cornell Notes

Unit 4: Elements of Literature
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: Students will learn and apply the Cornell Note-taking structure while reviewing the elements of literature.

Big Idea: Note-Taking That Improves Study? I'm In!

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