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One result of this work developing a more solid and consistent perception of the various POV types is that the students begin to recognize the values and/or limitations in each when they become the author of various texts. This is especially true with essay writing because it supports the idea I instill in them that they must earn and maintain their readers' trust and confidence. The sooner they are able to help a reader forget that they are simply a middle school student, the more easily they will be able to get the readers on their side about this or that issue or topic. 

This also supports their development and growth as they become more careful consumers of information. When they read various texts, they begin to notice POV as an aspect that gives them quite a bit to consider as they are exposed to ideas and information. This is such an important skill to support and cultivate in our students, especially in this day and age in which they are legitimately inundated with information nearly at all times. 

  The Value Seen Later
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: The Value Seen Later
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Point of View Study

Unit 4: Elements of Literature
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: Students will work to determine the POV a story is told from, as well as to determine how the POV impacts the story.

Big Idea: Whose Story is This Anyway?

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English / Language Arts, elements of plot, Literary Structure, point of view, perspective, narrator, reliability, foundation
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