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The chain note strategy allows my students to think about the information they have learned, and summarize it effectively. Analysis of the chain note reveals that, after interacting with the information, the students start to apply terminology, refine their thinking and make connections. Chain notes also ensure the participation of all students, even those who seldom raise their hand

As I reviewed their chain notes, it is evident that the students started moving from the generic -- photosynthesis makes food for plants -- to ideas about how the process actually works. This included ideas about what glucose is and where it's stored, how light travels from the sun, and how the energy from the sun is stored.

Moving on, I expect the chain note to grow organically as more ideas are added, and students continue to use precise vocabulary and connect their ideas to the concepts they are learning.

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Photosynthesis - A WISE Activity (Day 1)

Unit 4: Cell Processess
Lesson 3 of 18

Objective: Students will be able to use interactive visualizations, exploring how light energy is transformed into chemical energy and stored in glucose during photosynthesis.

Big Idea: Plants make their own food.

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