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Foldables are interactive graphic organizers that can serve several purposes (organize, review, remember, etc.). Students create their own hands-on learning tool, and can be as creative as they wish, developing something that works for them. By introducing them as a challenge, students also appreciate that not everyone is expected to create the exact same thing, even if they all have the same information. Students start using the vocabulary and concepts presented as they talk about how to best present the information, and make connections that they might not have done otherwise. 

The Edmodo stream after this lesson had students posting pictures of their foldable, and giving each other feedback. Isn't that what we always wished they would do?

  Why a foldable?
  Student Ownership: Why a foldable?
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Macromolecules Foldable

Unit 4: Cell Processess
Lesson 2 of 18

Objective: Students will be able to creatively apply their learning about macromolecules concepts by making a foldable.

Big Idea: A simple foldable can be a useful study guide.

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macromolecules foldable
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