Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Disability Research Day - Section 4: Independent Research Time


If I were to redo this lesson, I would consider making sure at least two kids were choosing the same topic. That way, everyone would have a "research buddy." I talked to a district coach who mentioned in previous years, she observed a class where you had to find a partner to read your disability novel with you. That way, each time you met to research, or met to discuss literary devices, or parts of plot, you always had a built in buddy who understood your story. It isn't exactly literature circles; instead it is more like literature partners.

  Small Group Research
  Adjustments to Practice: Small Group Research
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Disability Research Day

Unit 10: Overcoming Obstacles
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Objective: SWBAT uncover more information about the disability featured in their independent novel.

Big Idea: Lets add another layer to our reading. By researching the disability featured in our novels, we will better connect with the character.

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