Reflection: Student Ownership Book Interviews - Section 4: Wrap Up: What were the highlights?


I love this activity because student ownership and student recommendations are such a large part of independent reading. Kids are by and large choosing their own books and deciding on titles that interest them. I can recommend books to kids, but in middle school, a peer recommendation carries more weight and goes further. They are such social beings. Giving them this time to talk about books and recommend titles to one another is precious. It boosts student engagement and allows kids to branch out and try novels that maybe they assumed were too difficult. Or maybe if I recommended the same book, they wouldn't want to try it. However, coming from a peer, maybe they'll stretch themselves as readers, just to find common ground with that peers.

  Finding Great Titles
  Student Ownership: Finding Great Titles
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Book Interviews

Unit 9: Special Days (Holidays & In Between Formal Units)
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT spend a day focusing on independent reading goals and generating ideas for independent texts.

Big Idea: What should I read next? Help students answer this question by engaging them in multiple book discussions.

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