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Sometimes "wait time" is really difficult, especially when I am wrapping up a lesson and need to move on....but, it is often worth it! In Bugs, I provide wait time for two students who are explaining what tadpoles eat. I pose the question, and at first they look shocked that I asked! Then, they look at their notes and each other, and then one proclaims, "Bugs!" The best part it, she is right! The wait time paid off and taught them a little lesson in perseverance, because they stuck it out and used their resources and got the answer right!

  Perseverance: Bugs!
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Acting Like Amphibians!

Unit 3: Living Organisms - Animals
Lesson 6 of 11

Objective: SWBAT describe the basic needs and features of amphibians at different life stages.

Big Idea: Amphibians are born in water and change from gills to lungs!

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Science, Science Skills, First Grade, 1.L.1.1 Recognize that plants and animals need air, water, light (plants only), space, food, and shelter , 1.L.2.2
  50 minutes
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