Reflection: Real World Applications Introducing Engineering - Section 3: Soaring to New Heights (Exploration)


When students went back to their seats to draw a plan, many drew the bird they chose to mimic instead.  This made me realize that I need to slow down the engineering process, since it is new to students.  When I teach this lesson next year, I will complete the brainstorming and picking an idea portion on Day 1.  Day 2 will be about how to design a plan.

Here are some students who did great work identifying which bird they chose to mimic:

Student work #1

Student work #2

Student work #3

Student work #4

Student work #5

  Real World Applications: Considering completing less of the Engineering Process
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Introducing Engineering

Unit 2: Birds of a Feather Flock Together
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Objective: SWBAT mimic an external part of a bird in order to solve a human problem.

Big Idea: Eww! There is something gross under the cafeteria table. Pick it up-- no, you pick it up! How about we mimic a bird's beak to solve the problem of picking up our trash?

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