Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Introducing Engineering - Section 2: Take-off (Warm-up)


Wow.  I was not expecting absolutely no knowledge of what an engineer does, or even having heard the word engineer before!  One student did have knowledge of engineers as train drivers, but beside that, this entire occupation was new for my students!  The lack of prior knowledge helped drive their curiosity and sense of responsibility to learn from the NASA video clip.  By the end of the video, I had students turn-and-talk, as they all now had ideas of what engineers do.  One even called out, "Can we be engineers?"  If that isn't my whole purpose as a teacher, I'm not sure what is!

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Introducing Engineering

Unit 2: Birds of a Feather Flock Together
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Objective: SWBAT mimic an external part of a bird in order to solve a human problem.

Big Idea: Eww! There is something gross under the cafeteria table. Pick it up-- no, you pick it up! How about we mimic a bird's beak to solve the problem of picking up our trash?

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