Reflection: Relevance Informational Writing: How to Revise and Edit Arguments - Section 2: Warm-Up: Editing vs. Revising


This activity may not seem rigorous for students but it addresses the idea that editing and revising is different. It is true that both words deal with the idea of correcting. However, what students do during this corrective process is different. When editing, students find ways to change or modify thier writing. This could be done by paying more attention to grammatical errors found in thier writing. Revising on the other hand involves altering, improving, or updating a written piece of work. This can be done by adding/ deleting sentences or combining information to include a variety of sentence structures throughout your writing.

The reason why this is the starting conversation is due to the support students will need in editing and revising essays later on in the lesson. Because this may be the ONLY time students check back over there work, I want it to be done right the first time.

  Difference in Revising & Editing Reflection
  Relevance: Difference in Revising & Editing Reflection
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Informational Writing: How to Revise and Edit Arguments

Unit 9: Narrative Writing Workshop
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Objective: SWBAT develop and strengthen their writing by revising and editing their compare and contrast essays .

Big Idea: You or Me: Whose helping to polish My writing?

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