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When I learned about fractions years ago, I wasn't taught using visual models (or, if I was, I have no recollection of it!).  Before I teach these lessons each year, I make sure that I refresh myself on all of the intricacies of each model type.  I complete each problem in the student materials, as though I were a student (and when students have a choice of the model type, I complete the problem multiple times, using each model type).  Doing this helps to make sure that the visual models are fresh in my head before I deliver the content to kids.

There are great online resources for fraction division models.  I like using LearnZillion, for the short videos if I need a quick reminder about how to create a visual model for a problem. 

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Fractions Divided by Whole Numbers Using Models

Unit 2: Division with Fractions
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT to determine the quotient when dividing a fraction by a whole number using a visual model.

Big Idea: The meaning of division is the same for whole numbers and fractions; you are taking a total and creating equal groups.

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