Reflection: Student Self-Assessment Solving Formulas - Section 3: Closure


As I walked around observing students writing their equations and indicating which variable to solve for, I found that too many students in the class "played it safe" when writing equations. Some wrote simple one step equations and those that wrote 2 step equations kept them easy. For example y = mx + b (solve for x). I tried getting some students to be more risky and try formulating equations that were more challenging, which didn't quite work with many of them. The students that I would consider more advanced, wrote equations a bit harder. These included fractions and/or equations where the distributive property had to be used. These students' equations required two or more steps to solve.

The positive aspect of this is that I got an idea of what students feel are easy equations, that they know they could do; and what kinds of equations they were reluctant to try because they felt uneasy about. Students definitely need to practice more solving of formulas to become more confident. They need to solve enough variable equations successfully in order to build that confidence. Homework and one more day of practice is a good idea. 

Alternate closing activities: 

1. Write an equation for your partner. Indicate the variable to solve for. Once the work is done, they return their papers and assess each others work. 


2. I write two equations on the board of varying difficulty and ask students to solve for each variable in the equations. An example would be  -x/y + p =  r  (Solve for x, y, and p) 

An easier equation would be: x + yz  = R  (solve for x, y, and z)


  Equations written by students.
  Student Self-Assessment: Equations written by students.
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Solving Formulas

Unit 2: Solving Linear Equations
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: SWBAT solve a formula for one of the variables

Big Idea: This lesson extends the concept of solving a linear equation in one variable to solving a formula for a particular variable.

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Math, solving equations, Algebra, Linear and Nonlinear Equations, linear equations (graphs), properties of equality, 8th grade math, Solving formulas, Solve for one variable
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