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Because this is a critical area in Common Core, I want my students to have additional time to practice using different units of measurement in a teacher lead center.

I call students according to their groups. Present the students with a paper clip and a classroom poster. Ask the student to place the paper clip along the bottom of the poster. Explain that the paper clip will be used as a benchmark. Ask the student to estimate how many paper clips will be needed to measure the width of the poster. Have the student use as many paper clips as necessary to measure half the length of the width. Stop and ask the student if s/he needs to amend his/her prediction. Lead students to realize that the student has measured half the width and they can double the number of paper clips already used to make a reasonable estimate. Have the student complete the measurement.  Repeat this process and have the student use a small cup as a benchmark to measure the capacity of a larger container. Then, repeat the process again and have the student measure the weight of a stapler with scissors as a benchmark.


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Customary Units of Liquid Volume

Unit 5: All About the Metric System!
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: Introduced to liquid volume students will learn how to solve problems involving measurement and conversion of measurements from a larger unit to a smaller unit.

Big Idea: Students will be able to use measuring concepts to understand that larger units can be subdivided int equivalent units using the customary units of liquid volume.

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