Reflection: Intervention and Extension Time to the Half Hour - Section 3: Setting the Hands!


Several students confused the long and short hand. They did not know which hand told the hour/minutes. To correct this, I set up rotation centers and gave them different ways to work with telling time on an analog clock. During this 15 minute rotation, I circled the room and reminded students that the long hand tells the hour and the short hand tells the minute. After that, I circled the room for a second time to see how many students can tell me what hand told the hour and what hand told the minutes. Students seem to respond well to probing questions after they had enough time to explore the concept on their own. 

So, giving them extra time to practice and gain understanding resulted in them being aware of the key concepts in telling time.

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  Intervention and Extension: What I noticed!
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Time to the Half Hour

Unit 2: Talking About Time!
Lesson 1 of 3

Objective: Tell and write time from analog and digital clocks to the nearest five minutes, using a.m. and p.m.

Big Idea: SWAT tell and write time to the half hour,

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Math, explain, analog and digital clock time (a.m. and p.m.), EXPLORE, skip counting
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