Reflection: Standards Alignment Introducing Geometry Unit Assessment - Section 2: Individual Test


One of my favorite questions on this test is problem #10, which asks students to first name and classify a given quadrilateral, then use the figure’s symmetry to deduce that the opposite sides of the quadrilateral are congruent.  This kind of question reinforces the transformations lens that I want students to use throughout the entire year.


For similar reasons, I like problem #13b.  In #13a, students are given the fact that a given quadrilateral’s two diagonals are congruent; then in #13b, the problem asks students to identify which special quadrilateral it must be if the diagonals also perpendicularly bisect each other.  Several students used line symmetry and even rotational symmetry to explain why the quadrilateral must be a square.  For example, “if both diagonals are congruent and perpendicularly bisect each other, this is true in a square because the diagonals act as lines of symmetry” or, “a rhombus has diagonals that perpendicularly bisect each other, but since the diagonals are also equal, it must be a square, which has four lines of symmetry not just two.”   

  Bringing Back the Transformations
  Standards Alignment: Bringing Back the Transformations
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Introducing Geometry Unit Assessment

Unit 2: Introducing Geometry
Lesson 8 of 8

Objective: Students will be able to define foundational geometry terms and answer questions that ask them to apply their understanding of foundational geometry terms.

Big Idea: Students will get to see how they, as individuals, perform on the unit test.

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Math, Geometry, deductive reasoning, definition, basic properties
  80 minutes
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