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I decided to let students use the notes they had taken during the Jigsaw while working on this Check for Understanding, which is different from what I have done in the past.  By letting students use their notes, I was able to communicate several messages: (1) your peers are resources and the ideas they shared with you are valuable, (2) I will hold you accountable to having listened to what your peers shared by asking you to use the notes you took during the Jigsaw, and (3) notes are valuable when you actually use them.


Because I supplied students with the Four Triangle vocabulary terms in the check for understanding, I was able to see how students explained their understanding of line symmetry, rotational symmetry, and whether a given polygon is convex or concave.  This is better than the way I used to do this in the past, where the check for understanding told me more about whether students were able to recall the vocabulary as opposed to how they can use the vocabulary to explain their thinking.

  Adding Value to Class Resources
  Routines and Procedures: Adding Value to Class Resources
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Four Triangles Sorting Activity

Unit 1: Creating Classroom Culture to Develop the Math Practices
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Objective: Students will be able to sort their Four Triangles figures given a particular criterion and give a working definition of their assigned criterion to other students, providing examples using their four-triangle figures.

Big Idea: Students will take risks and build a sense of community as they share working definitions of their criterion and show how their four-triangle figures exemplify that criterion with their peers.

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