Reflection: Students with Disabilities Mechanical Energy and Mass - Section 4: Elaborate


Students with language barriers and disabilities often have trouble following the steps of a procedure exactly as they are intended. I have found that if, as a class, we go over the procedure and I explicitly model the steps, they will perform better during the actual lab experiment.  

In this case, I wanted the specifics about the carts and the ramps to be perfectly clear before beginning the activity.  You can see in the video, the way in which I include the students in the process and also model the steps in order. 

  Why explicit procedure modeling?
  Students with Disabilities: Why explicit procedure modeling?
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Mechanical Energy and Mass

Unit 5: Motion and Energy
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Objective: SWBAT identify the relationship between mechanical energy and mass by completing a hands on lab activity.

Big Idea: As mass increases, so does mechanical energy. Students will find this out through inquiry and the use of cars and ramps.

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Science, Motion, Conservation of Energy, Energy Conversion, position, mass, Energy, mechanical
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