Reflection: Station Rotation Survey and Review Day - Section 1: Bell Work


To make sure students understood the type of problem they needed help I referred to the Review Problems for station day worksheet. Once I said things like questions 1 and 2 are graphing, 3 and 4 are evaluating, etc. I had some students change where their sticky note was located.  I also made students that put a note on a line move the note to one topic.  I did have a few that said they needed help with everything but I made the students choose which 2 topics they needed for today's activity. 

  Station Rotation: Clarifying sticky note placement
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Survey and Review Day

Unit 3: Exponential and Logarithmic functions
Lesson 8 of 11

Objective: SWBAT solve equations and analyze graphs of logarithms and exponential functions.

Big Idea: By working on assigned problems students develop problem solving skills.

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Math, PreCalculus, exponential function, logarithmic functions, equation solving, Properties of Logarithm
  50 minutes
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