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I was very purposeful when planning this lesson. I started this lesson by allowing my students time to really explore the Oobleck. This exploration allowed by students to explore with a substance that has a consistency that both acts like a solid and a liquid.  Once the students were allowed to manipulate the Oobleck and explore its consistency I was able to set high expectations for the work that was hand.  The students were able to refocus their attention on sound and its ability to make matter move. When teaching a lesson that a whole group exploration it can be so easy to get lost in the fun of a lesson if the true objective of the lesson is in the front of my mind.  As we explored the music and the Oobleck I made  point of stopping my students and having them reflect on their predictions. I asked them to think about why this music was or was not successful in making the matter dance.  As they discussed these questions I was listening for students to use volume and pitch as a reason.  Each time I stopped the "fun" and asked questions it held my students accountable for learning.  The expectations set forced my students to have a lot more than just fun.  It forced the learning to be purposeful, engaging with high expectations for discourse and deep thinking.   

  Learning is so much FUN!!
  High Expectations: Learning is so much FUN!!
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Wiggle it, Just a Little Bit!

Unit 1: Unit 1: Sound Waves
Lesson 6 of 10

Objective: SWBAT describe ways that sound makes matter move.

Big Idea: Can sound waves make Oobleck dance? This investigation will allow children to experience being a scientist while observing and predicting what happens while Oobleck sits on a Subwoofer. What type of sound will make it move about?

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