Reflection: ELL Students Lewis Structures - Section 4: Elaborate Part I


The school in which I teach is mostly Latino/a with over half of my students having English as a Second language.  Because of this I make sure to use strategies that help my English Learners. 

One such strategy is to pair up students in a way that allows a bilingual student who is confident in their abilities to help an English learner in their first language (Spanish in this case).  This does not always work because not every high achieving bilingual student wants to help their peers, but over the first few weeks of school I am able to figure out which students are willing to help their peers and make sure to sit them with students that they can help.

Within this lesson I managed to capture one example of how this works in my classroom. This video shows two students working on the Lewis Structure for water during Whiteboard Practice.  What is evident in this video is how the English Learner student is getting help from his peer in his first language (Spanish) to improve his understanding of the content.

  ELL Students: ELL students and Partner Practice
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Lewis Structures

Unit 3: Unit 3: Bonding & Periodic Table Trends
Lesson 7 of 9

Objective: Students will be able to write Lewis Structures for covalent compounds as demonstrated by filling in notes, making molecules, and performing whiteboard practice.

Big Idea: Lewis Dot Structures can be used to show how covalent compounds share electrons between atoms.

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