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Throughout the exploration students were actively using the vocabulary: volume, pitch, sound waves.  I noticed that my students were not really understanding high pitch and low pitch.  If I said make a high pitch sound or a low pitch sound it was very easy for my students to do. However when I asked my students to listen to a sound and tell me if it was high pitch or low pitch it was very difficult. I found that my students were able to hear the difference between pitches but it was very difficult for them to decide which of the two were high or low.  Before sending my students to explore the speed or size of sound waves I will need to spend more time elaborating on that and helping them to hear the difference in sound pitch.  

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Unit 1: Unit 1: Sound Waves
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Objective: SWBAT describe how different wave vibrations can change sound.

Big Idea: Students will be creating instruments that will allow them to observe, explore and investigate the patterns of sound waves (pitch and volume). They will plan out a design for their instrument and then create it using classroom materials.

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