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Many of my students view reviews as something just to complete, rather than a way to check their own understanding and identify their strengths and weaknesses.  One way I try to overcome this is to have them work on the review both independently and without their notes and old activities first.

Students resist this at first, until they see payoffs on their quizzes.  To structure it, I encourage students to do their "Brain only" work in pencil.  This allows them to correct it if they have it wrong, but also to see visually what information is correctly stored in their heads already.  Then they change to a marker or colored pen when they start using their notes or resources.

The purpose of the change is so that when students go home to study that evening, they focus on just what is in ink that they were uncertain on.  This helps students focus their studying and prioritize what they need to learn, vs the safe study of reviewing what they already know.

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Drawing the Atom

Unit 1: Atomic Structure
Lesson 7 of 10

Objective: SWBAT draw representations of atoms using assistance from ExploreLearning.

Big Idea: Modeling the nucleus and electron shells to learn how each particle contributes to the overall behavior of the atom.

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