Reflection: Checks for Understanding Density of Irregular Objects Day 1: Developing Procedures - Section 2: Investigation Preparation & Summary


I am using Turn and Talk as a quick formative assessment in my classroom. Are students using the vocabulary relevant to the current lesson? Are all students engaged in the conversation? 

The vocabulary students should use is on their graphic organizer. I remind students that they are scientists, they need to communicate to one another - one scientist to another scientist.

Turn and Talk is a strategy in development in my classroom. We are working on staying on task and using vocabulary. When I provide organizers or labs for my students I include a list of vocabulary they are expected to know and use during discussion.

I try to work with selected groups each class period to listen to their conversations and take notes on participation. This is a very active assessment process for me. I am circulating around the classroom listening to student chatter. 

When groups are not using the vocabulary or struggling to engage in conversation, I will sit with the group and model the expected conversation by becoming part of their group. 

  Turn and Talk
  Checks for Understanding: Turn and Talk
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Density of Irregular Objects Day 1: Developing Procedures

Unit 1: Density
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: SWBAT create step-by-step instructions explaining how to find the density of an irregular object.

Big Idea: Apply what we have learned so far about density, mass, volume and displacement to create and communicate instructions for a new lab.

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