Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Density of Irregular Objects Day 1: Developing Procedures - Section 1: The Need for This Lab


Students are sometimes reluctant to rely on what they actually know instead preferring to find the instructions already written. This is a challenging activity for students taking the abstract concept of density and apply their prior knowledge to create something new. 

I support students in this challenge by asking them questions designed to activate their prior knowledge about what they learned in the previous lessons. Taking the time to reflect on what they know builds student confidence. I specifically tell them that they have all the background knowledge to successfully complete the challenge of finding density of irregular objects. It is like solving a puzzle.

  Connection to Prior Knowledge
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Connection to Prior Knowledge
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Density of Irregular Objects Day 1: Developing Procedures

Unit 1: Density
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: SWBAT create step-by-step instructions explaining how to find the density of an irregular object.

Big Idea: Apply what we have learned so far about density, mass, volume and displacement to create and communicate instructions for a new lab.

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