Reflection: Exit Tickets Fraction Division Using the Standard Algorithm - Section 5: Closing and Exit Ticket


After I gather the exit tickets, I group student responses by common error type.  I'm looking to see if students used the reciprocal of the dividend and/or if students neglected to find the reciprocal of the divisor.  I use this data in my next classes.  Some of the whole-class ways I'll respond to the data:

  • I'll create cumulative review problems that ask students to analyze my work, and I'll intentionally make the error that was most common on these exit tickets
  • I'll ask students to write out the steps needed to solve a problem
  • I'll share with students work that is done correctly and work that contains a common error, and have them discuss which piece of work is correct
  • I'll have them correct work that has the common error, as though they were the teacher

My goal is to get students so used to looking for, and responding to, the common errors I named above that it is second nature to them.  The more I push students to identify these errors, the less likely they'll be to make the same mistakes themselves. 


  Avoiding Common Errors
  Exit Tickets: Avoiding Common Errors
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Fraction Division Using the Standard Algorithm

Unit 2: Division with Fractions
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT divide fractions using the standard algorithm.

Big Idea: The traditional algorithm for division with fractions is to invert the divisor and multiply.

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