Reflection: Student Ownership Bias toward action (PROTOTYPE) - Section 2: Murphy's Law


Students were deeply engaged in the opening activity and enjoyed sharing out examples of their plans gone awry.  There was a collective belief in all of my classes that failure is inevitable and an amazing learning opportunity--at least in our personal lives.  Applied to school, the idea of "successful failure" was far more divisive.  Many students exhibited fixed mindset beliefs about the meaning of failure in school ("it means you just aren't smart") or suggested that learning from failure did not matter ("If I fail I will get a bad grade and then what's the point?")  Communicating the idea that embracing failure is a key element of student success is something that I will continue to work on this year.

  How can we build an classroom culture of students owning "successful failure"?
  Student Ownership: How can we build an classroom culture of students owning "successful failure"?
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Bias toward action (PROTOTYPE)

Unit 1: "Unit 0": Engineering design thinking
Lesson 5 of 12

Objective: Student will be able to: 1) conduct a pre-mortem analysis of a solution idea; 2) extract information and synthesize ideas from an engineering design text; 3) articulate the purpose of a "bias towards action" mindset in engineering design thinking; and 4) develop a rapid prototype of a solution idea.

Big Idea: Convergent thinking produces shared ideas that will become prototype solutions to problems. How might we help students assess and develop their ideas as rapid prototypes?

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