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I like to think of anything and everything as assessment. An interaction in class, a conversation between students, a question asked or answered by a student, is an opportunity to assess. Exit slips can tell me where a learner is and therefore warn me of what I need to do to help him or her, improve. I've gotten better results using exit passes that asks a minimal number of questions. This exit pass asks for one idea that is clear to students and one that they feel they need to more work on. Students will be specific when responding. If they feel they need to write down another concept they are confused about, they will. I must say that reading student responses carefully before the next class is critical. Students will be waiting for responses the next day, so I make sure I plan ways I will address their issues. Besides, we all know how important timely feedback is for learning and improving. 

  Anything as an assessment
  Checks for Understanding: Anything as an assessment
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Relations that Function (Part 1)

Unit 7: Functions
Lesson 1 of 11

Objective: SWBAT understand the correspondence between input and output of a function. SWBAT determine when an input-output relation, given different forms, represents a function.

Big Idea: This laboratory apparatus is called a Cool Converter. Students will figure how it works when they see what goes in and what comes out. Functions work in much the same way.

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