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I really did not anticipate the struggle several of my students experienced with writing a paragraph. I really am not sure if they were struggling with transfering the information from the graphic organizer to the paragraph, or if it was more of how to put notes into sentences. Anyway I have to really break this down for several students. So, I asked several struggling students to come sit at my small group table while others were working independently. Some of them needed me to just write their sentences on a white board for them to copy. I asked the students to verbalize their idea and I wrote it on the white board for them to copy. Other students needed me to write each sentence for them and allow them to trace the sentence: modified work paragraph

If I could do this lesson over I would plan to meet with some students in a small group to do the writing. They just seemed to need more support as they were generating their sentences and transfering thier notes into a paragraph. Students were still confused on the format of a paragraph, which I have covered several times.The idea that one sentence comes after another is new to first graders, so this needs to be reinforced throughout the writing time too. 

Although, I felt many students struggled with such a rigorous task, others were definately working at their instructional level. This proficient paragraph shows how really challenging students can allow them to complete very complex tasks. 

  ELL Students: Student Work
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What Behavior Is Best?

Unit 2: Communication Between the Parent and Offspring
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: SWBAT write an opinion paragraph based about which animal defense mechanism they think is best and why.

Big Idea: Have fun engaging students in a reflective writing activity about animal defense.

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