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When I was writing this lesson, I created it with the idea that the students would initially have a lesson on "sight" and then use this information to apply it to the experiment.  After some discussion with my Master Teacher Coach, I tried her suggestion and "flipped" my lessons.  We did the experiment for the first lesson on our sense of sight and the direct instruction during the second lesson.  I was so pleased with the results of the flip.  I observed several things:

1.  My students were really excited about the experiment.  This served as the "hook".

2.  The students were able to easily make connections on the second day of learning.  They had a foundation to build off of that they might not have had before.

3.  The students experienced some different things that we are able to detect with our sense of sight by observing the changes that occurred in the experiment.  When we talked about shape, color and movement, they new what these words meant.  This design supplied some wonderful support for my English Language Learners.  They had an understanding of some vocabulary words that they would not have had before.

4.  The students were also able to measure their learning.  Before the experiment began, they were not able to share a great deal of information about their sense of sight on our chart that we created at the beginning of the lesson.  By the end of the first lesson, the chart grew.  By the end of the second lesson, it was bursting with knowledge the students had acquired.

5.  I also heard from several parents that the students were very excited to come back the next day and learn more about their sense of sight.  The students took their learning home and shared it!!

I will be looking at how I can design future lessons to encourage more inquiry in my classroom after complete this lesson!

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Magical Milk-Using Our Sense of Sight

Unit 2: My Five Senses
Lesson 2 of 12

Objective: Students will use their sense of sight to practice observing changes in a solution by participating in a simple experiment.

Big Idea: Students love experiments and this simple experiment will allow them to understand how their sense of sight is an important observational tool.

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