Reflection: Student Feedback Character Development - Section 2: Independent Practice


It has taken a while for students to differentiate between character traits and feelings. They are pretty proficient in distinguishing between the two at this point. However, I was surprised when one student included personality traits with physical traits. I met with him and explained the difference. Conferring with students and providing immediate feedback allow me to catch student misconceptions before they are deeply rooted. In this case, I also had to ask myself why students are confused. I looked at the list of character traits students were using and realized all the trait types were listed together in alphabetical order. I decided it would help students to see the traits listed categorically. This way, they could visually begin to differentiate between the types.

  Student Feedback: Physical Traits vs. Personality Traits
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Character Development

Unit 3: Writing Narratives
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Objective: SWBAT create a character with personality traits and physical features by completing a character development graphic organizer.

Big Idea: Students learn how to use physical details and character traits that will help readers see and know their characters.

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