Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Conflict Skits Day 1 - Section 1: Anticipatory Set


I think it is integral that students develop a broad understanding of conflict in order to recognize it in its more specific forms when they are reading, watching television, etc. If students are only looking for a fight or a disagreement, they will miss many conflicts that are necessary to the text they come from. Students have come to me with such a limited or overly generalized perspective of conflict in literature, so I take a little extra time to catch them up in preparation for higher level reading and analysis.

  Why spend this time on Conflict?
  Diverse Entry Points: Why spend this time on Conflict?
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Conflict Skits Day 1

Unit 4: Elements of Literature
Lesson 2 of 9

Objective: Students work collaboratively to create skits demonstrating various types of conflict.

Big Idea: What Seems to be the Problem Here?!

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English / Language Arts, elements of plot, Literary Structure, creativity, conflict, collaboration, Skit, foundation
  50 minutes
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