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This exploration lab was of great interest to students. They found the experience both enjoyable and frustrating. To alleviate the frustration in the experience, I permitted students to utilize their personal electronic devices to access the dissection video and to use it as a guide. They worked in pairs to control the video and manipulate the specimen. This aided in student breaks and maximized efficiency of time management. They also helped one another out throughout the class. Students took the time to secure measurements and took their scientific ethics and sense of community very seriously. This was a great experience!

  Perseverance: Great Experience!
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The Business of the Busy-CNS!

Unit 3: Brain Anatomy and Function
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: Students will follow precisely a complex multistep procedure and analyze the specific results to learn how to identify the parts & describe the functions of the Central Nervous System.

Big Idea: The Central Nervous System is a highly trafficked area of the body that is analogous to the efficiency of a well constructed set of roadways.

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