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In order to streamline the process of getting and returning supplies, I place everything the students will need in plastic bins ahead of time. This allows the Materials Manager to grab the bin and get started. I take pictures of the bin when fully assembled and leave one in each bin. At the end of the lab, the Materials Manager can restock it for the next class, making sure it resembles the picture exactly.  This also helps me from year to year, as I can look at the pictures and stock the bins accordingly, instead of rereading through the lab and trying to fill the bins from scratch for each and every lab.

  Managing Student Supplies
  Classroom Setup: Managing Student Supplies
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Scientists Work Systematically

Unit 1: What Do Scientists Do?
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Objective: SWBAT recognize that science uses a process as a means of learning about the natural world, identify and rehearse the major steps of the process by which scientists learn about the world.

Big Idea: The process that scientists use to learn about the natural world is known as the scientific method. This process ensures that scientific breakthroughs are accurate and unbiased before they are shared with the public.

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Science, Nature of Science
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