Reflection: Routines and Procedures Declaring Independence with Style & Collaboration - Section 3: Building Knowledge


Well, after today I know that I will be employing much more of this collaborative note-taking!  Today I had more students on task with only their documents and texts up on their screens than ever before.  I also had a much more active group of talkers, which I believe was from the combined powers of the Google Doc and ClassDojo!  In their feedback, students expressed their enjoyment of this technique and didn't add any suggestions on how to improve it.  I will ask in the coming weeks if there is any other way I could make the activity better, but I think today went off without a hitch.  I was also stunned by the quality of work students produced for their peers.  I'm not sure if that was a result of having to do less work (so they were doing better work) or if it was motivated more by the desire not to let down their peers, but I was very proud of their thoroughness.  I had some technology issues myself today, so I was unable to project the class's progress on the Google Doc while it was being written, but that did not seem to impede the activity at all.  Looking over the revision history, students were also cognizant of their behavior while in the collaborative document, so no negative consequences needed to be delivered.  The whole activity really felt like a triumph, especially since it's one that originated from student ideas, was guided by student rules, and was produced wholly from student effort.  

  A Collaborative Success with Google Doc Notes!
  Routines and Procedures: A Collaborative Success with Google Doc Notes!
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Declaring Independence with Style & Collaboration

Unit 2: A Revolutionary Introduction to Argumentation & Rhetoric
Lesson 4 of 8

Objective: SWBAT objectively translate the complex sentence structure and language of the Declaration of Independence into simpler, more modern language by working collaboratively on a shared whole-class Google Doc.

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