Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Fetal Brain Development Explained (Day 2)! - Section 3: Evaluate


          In the effort to help some of my ELL students to completely visualize the processes being assessed in this activity, I provided them with Brain Development Images (Page 4) to develop their final time lines. These visuals explicit to their developmental stages titles, allowed students to generate a precisely ordered layout of both terms and images before affixing their corresponding stage summaries. Once this foundation was laid, students utilized the specific details of the images to help produce their summaries. All products were assessed based on the following criteria:

a) Proper sequencing of stages (earliest to latest).

b) Accuracy of stage summaries.

Student products were generally assessed (sequencing) during my classroom circulation and specifically after product collection. 

  Assessing Students Timeline and Model Development Tips!
  Diverse Entry Points: Assessing Students Timeline and Model Development Tips!
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Fetal Brain Development Explained (Day 2)!

Unit 4: Brain Specialization and Development
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: Students will analyze data and develop models to describe the genetic and environmental factors that impact fetal brain development during its gestational period.

Big Idea: Healthy brain development is a product of both genetic and environmental factors!

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