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In the effort to help some of my ELL students to comprehend the fast pace nature of the video and corresponding timeline activity, I utilized Brain Development Images (Page 4) to construct their time lines for the video. This coincidentally worked well for non-ELL students as they utilized the images to benchmark developmental stages and summarized the information presented on the original strips and the clip around the position of the image. It also helps to pause and discuss the video while students organize their strips and images as many times as needed for them to understand how all of their parts work together to tell the story. The products of this worked out really well. 

  Making Material Visually Accessible!
  ELL Students: Making Material Visually Accessible!
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Fetal Brain Development Explained!

Unit 4: Brain Specialization and Development
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: To describe the genetic and environmental factors that impact fetal brain development during its gestational period.

Big Idea: Healthy brain development is a product of both genetic and environmental factors!

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